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About Us

The 1960s saw the settlement of Muslims mainly from Pakistan in Aylesbury. In the late 1970s a property, 31 Buckingham Road, was purchased for the purpose of creating Aylesbury’s first mosque. The property was adapted and used as a mosque. It served the needs of the Muslim community until the late 1980s when the current purpose built mosque, Aylesbury Ghausia, was developed.

Aylesbury Ghausia Mosque was built in 1987 to serve the needs of the ever growing and burgeoning Muslim community by providing essential space for prayer, worship, education and to gain the pleasure of Allah (Most High). As the Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him peace said: “he who establishes a house of prayer, Allah will build a house for him in paradise.”

As the first mosque ever to be built in Aylesbury, it stands as a wonderful example of traditional Mughal architecture. The sumptuous white dome and towering minaret, look breathtaking against the backdrop of the moon and the stars on a clear night. Inside the dome, the names of Allah Most High and the Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s blessing be upon him, were painted by an Egyptian calligrapher, which create a wonderful spiritual atmosphere to the main hall.

Following the tradition of Muslims across the globe, Aylesbury Mosque was named after a famous Muslim personality. The name, “Ghausia” is a reference to the widely-acclaimed Muslim scholar and saint of the eleventh century, Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani, may Allah bless him. He became so revered that the Ummah gave him the title: “Al Ghawth” which means, the helper. This was because of the amazing assistance he provided to the Muslim community through his prayers, his teachings and writings which were a call to rekindle the blessed way of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah bless him and grant him peace. One legendary feature of the Shaykh’s teachings was to institute generous free meals to the poor and needy, what Punjabi speakers call, “Gyaarvi Shareef”. Ever since its inception, worshippers at Aylesbury Ghausia Mosque have kept this wonderful tradition of distributing food to others. Gyaarvi Shareef continues to be celebrated at the mosque on a monthly basis.

Aylesbury Mosque enjoys a unique spiritual affinity with one of the greatest sufi saints of the modern era, the late Qazi Muhammad Sadiq (may Allah bless him), (commonly known as Hadrat Sahib Jee) of Gulhar Sharif Kotli Azad Kashmir Pakistan. The late Hadrat Sahib Jee not only provided the design for the current mosque, but his late Mother (may Allah bless her), provided the first brick for the foundations of the building. And further, it was the last brick that was ever granted by her. Two of our current imams are graduates from Hadrat Sahib Jee’s Madaaris and a large segment of the local community are his murideen and followers of the Naqshbandi silsila.

Recent developments to the mosque’s structure have included the side-extension and the new roof in the back hall.

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